USA Files Motion for Summary Judgment


In an attempt to have the malicious prosecution charge against the Bureau of Indian Affairs dismissed related to my ongoing civil rights lawsuit, Gerald Frank, with the U.S. Attorney’s Office, has filed a Motion for Summary Judgment with the federal district court in Tucson. This motion coincides with a similar motion filed by the attorney for the tribal police defendants.
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Chandler Police Checkpoint Guidelines


Last night I was online doing follow-up research on a Chandler, AZ police department seatbelt checkpoint that was conducted last week. I initially reported the news story on Freedom’s Phoenix but wanted additional information given that such checkpoints appear to violate Arizona law:

ARS 28-909C: “A peace officer shall not stop or issue a citation to a person operating a motor vehicle on a highway in this state for a violation of this section unless the peace officer has reasonable cause to believe there is another alleged violation of a motor vehicle law of this state.”

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Sobriety Checkpoint Statistics Speak For Themselves


I first reported on the Pima County Sheriff’s Department sobriety checkpoint program on labor day weekend of last year. Since that time, far more comprehensive numbers associated with the program have become available. These numbers encompass a 16 month time frame and two full holiday seasons. Unfortunately for the sheriff’s department, the numbers reinforce what critics of checkpoint programs have been saying for years. Sobriety checkpoints are:
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SR86 Police State Photos – January 2007


I’ve just finished posting photos of various enforcement agencies operating on SR86 in Southern Arizona from January 2007. These photos include the Border Patrol, a recently mobilized Border Detachment from the State Police, a National Guard Border Detachment, and photos of Wackenhut transport buses. Wackenhut was recently contracted to transport Department of Homeland Security detainees in Southern Arizona.

These photos represent common scenes along Highway 86 and provide a snapshot of what to expect from the burgeoning police state in Southern Arizona.

Photos from earlier months can be accessed by following this link.

Defective, Dependent, or Delinquent…


After being delayed several years due to budget shortfalls, one of the largest invasions of our privacy is now in full swing, compliments of the U.S. Census Bureau and a cadre of Department of Commerce corporate partners. In the past, the American people only had to put up with this unconstitutional nonsense once every ten years. A time frame frequent enough to be annoying but not frequent enough to evoke formal resistance. With the advent of the misnomered American Community Survey however, circumstance have changed dramatically. U.S. Census bureaucrats have somehow misinterpreted clear constitutional guidance regarding a simple head count once every 10 years for representation purposes as a mandate to invade America’s privacy on a recurring monthly basis.

Below you will find a discussion of this unconstitutional program along with links to commentaries, news articles, corporate involvement, and government documentation that highlight this newest invasion of our homes and privacy along with general information regarding the decennial census.
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Your Papers Please…


Since my article, reprinted below, first appeared on Freedom’s Phoenix last year, the Tucson sector Border Patrol has established six semi-permanent suspicionless checkpoints on Arizona highways many miles North of the international border. These checkpoints are located at:

  • Highway 90 North of the intersection with Highway 82
  • Highway 80 North of Tombstone
  • Interstate 19 North of Tubac
  • Highway 85 between Lukeville and Ajo
  • U.S. 191 between Sunizona and Sunsites
  • Highway 286 between Sasabe and Three Points

Now, onto the article:

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