Homeland Security Chooses Site For Illegal Drug Checkpoint


On July 5th, the Arizona Daily Star reported that CBP, Customs and Border Protection – an agency of the Department of Homeland Security, has chosen a location for an interim permanent roadblock in Southern Arizona (see article below). This roadblock, to be located near kilometer post 50 on Interstate 19 just North of Arivaca, will be the first of its kind to sully Arizona’s highways in the State’s history.

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Sheriff’s Dept. To ‘Help’ Us Celebrate Independence Day


The Pima County Sheriff’s Department will be helping us remember what Independence Day is all about by improving on the historical excesses of the writ of assistance as used against the colonists prior to the revolutionary war.

The Sheriff’s Department will be conducting sobriety roadblocks on July 4th and 6th of this year while augmenting roadblocks with saturation patrols throughout the upcoming weekend. The department will be conducting these roadblocks absent any reasonable suspicion, general warrant or writ of assistance – hence the ‘improvement’ over the old British system where agents of the state were burdened with carrying a piece of paper authorizing their excesses.

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Cop Attacks Non-violent Skateboarders


Earlier today, I came across a disturbing video on Radley Balko’s blog of a police officer assaulting a group of nonviolent skateboarders

While the skateboarders in the video were more likely than not in violation of city ordinances regarding where they could skate, the police officer’s response to the situation appeared to be wholly inappropriate, needlessly escalated the situation, and recklessly placed several individuals in danger.

Unfortunately, these types of incidents appear to be occurring at an ever increasing rate. If a police officer is unable to conduct himself in a professional and measured manner when confronting a small group of unruly thirteen year olds who were obviously no threat to anyone, how will this police officer conduct himself in a serious situation where lives and property are actually at risk?

Something to consider…

Maine Cops Conduct Illegal Roadblock With Federal Funds


It appears that illegal multi-jurisdictional dragnet roadblocks are no longer just a phenomena of Southwestern Arizona. These intrusive suspicionless enforcement operations continue to proliferate in communities across America at an alarming rate. Worse yet, many are being paid for in full by so-called ‘Homeland Security’ grants designed more to commandeer local law enforcement for federal purposes than safeguard local communities.
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Car-seat Inspection Policy Under Review


In follow-up to my May 19th post, it appears the city council in Boulder City, Nevada is reviewing the police department’s checkpoint guidelines and policy regarding the use of checkpoints to conduct child safety seat inspections. Unlike other child safety seat programs conducted around the country, the Boulder City Police decided to make their checkpoint program mandatory and physically enter stopped vehicles absent reasonable suspicion or a warrant in order to inspect child safety seats without a parent’s consent.
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Boulder City Police Using Child Safety As Pretext For Suspicionless Dragnet Roadblock Ops


A little over a year ago, I was contacted by Matt Ragan of Boulder City, Nevada regarding a suspicionless checkpoint regime being operated in the city by local police. Matt was concerned about the civil rights implications of the roadblocks along with their general intrusiveness on the traveling public. Publicly, the police claimed the purpose of the bi-annual checkpoint was to educate parents regarding the proper installation of child safety seats. A little digging by Matt however revealed a slightly different story
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USA Stretches The Facts In Objection To Motion For Summary Judgment


In followup to my March 9th and 10th posts, Tucson-based assistant U.S. attorney Gerald Frank has responded to our opposition to the USA’s Motion for Summary Judgment. As has become the norm, Mr. Frank distorts the facts in his motion along with associated case law in order to justify summary judgment.

Read on for further discussion regarding Mr. Frank’s motion.
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