Undermining Criminal Justice Reform With Faux Border Security

With a prison population of over 2 million people at any given time, the United States incarcerates more individuals per capita than any other country on the face of the planet. This incarceration rate has resulted in over 70 million adults having a criminal record in the United States today.

Let those numbers sink in for a minute. Approximately one in every three adults is saddled with a criminal record in this country.  A country that houses more than 20% of the total number of incarcerated people around the world despite having only  ~4% of the world’s population.

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Checkpoint USA Responds to Sheriff Napier’s Stonegarden Op-Ed

Tucson Sector CBP Chief Rodolfo Karisch & Pima County Sheriff Mark Napier

On September 4, 2018, the Pima County Board of Supervisors voted for the second, and hopefully last, time to reject any further Operation Stonegarden grant funds from the Department of Homeland Security.  I originally blogged about the Board of Supervisors Stonegarden controversy earlier this year.

The first time the Board voted to drop the program was in early February of this year. The Board reversed it’s vote several weeks later however after push-back from the Sheriff’s Department but premised acceptance and participation in the $1.2 million dollar federal directive on several factors. Factors the Sheriff initially agreed to but later ignored when his department began conducting Stonegarden deployments on behalf of the Border Patrol while spending money from the grant before the Board of Supervisors voted to allow expenditures to resume.

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