Large Police Checkpoint in Los Angeles Last Night

dui_checkpt_1Earlier today, I came across the following blog entry from The Daily Paul forums describing a large suspicionless police action around L.A. last night:

Felt like “Martial Law” in Los Angeles!

From the (incomplete) description of the police action, it sounds like multiple checkpoints were setup along I-5, a major interstate highway in Southern Arizona, and various secondary routes around the target area where all vehicle traffic was being stopped and seized so police could conduct suspicionless checks of one form or another on the traveling public.

This of course is a growing trend across America where a once free people now suffer routine suspicionless interference in their lives by militarized police forces that seek to dominate and control local communities instead of serve and protect.

The text of the article appears below. The comments are also worth a read. If anyone has additional information regarding this police action directed against the people, please let me know:

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