Boulder City Police Using Child Safety As Pretext For Suspicionless Dragnet Roadblock Ops


A little over a year ago, I was contacted by Matt Ragan of Boulder City, Nevada regarding a suspicionless checkpoint regime being operated in the city by local police. Matt was concerned about the civil rights implications of the roadblocks along with their general intrusiveness on the traveling public. Publicly, the police claimed the purpose of the bi-annual checkpoint was to educate parents regarding the proper installation of child safety seats. A little digging by Matt however revealed a slightly different story
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Chandler Police Checkpoint Guidelines


Last night I was online doing follow-up research on a Chandler, AZ police department seatbelt checkpoint that was conducted last week. I initially reported the news story on Freedom’s Phoenix but wanted additional information given that such checkpoints appear to violate Arizona law:

ARS 28-909C: “A peace officer shall not stop or issue a citation to a person operating a motor vehicle on a highway in this state for a violation of this section unless the peace officer has reasonable cause to believe there is another alleged violation of a motor vehicle law of this state.”

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Sobriety Checkpoint Statistics Speak For Themselves


I first reported on the Pima County Sheriff’s Department sobriety checkpoint program on labor day weekend of last year. Since that time, far more comprehensive numbers associated with the program have become available. These numbers encompass a 16 month time frame and two full holiday seasons. Unfortunately for the sheriff’s department, the numbers reinforce what critics of checkpoint programs have been saying for years. Sobriety checkpoints are:
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