Checkpoint USA WON In Court Today


This is just a brief update regarding today’s events in Pima County Justice Court related to this incident. Checkpoint USA won without uttering a word.

Tribal police officer Robert Carrasco arrived in court and presented his case in about five minutes or so. Normally, the defendant is then allowed to respond to the allegations but before I was allowed to speak, the judge dismissed the single charge of impeding traffic against me stating that the statute didn’t apply.

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HB 2380 – A Special Bill For Special People


On February 5, 2009, Arizona House Representative Jerry Weiers ignored his oath of office and responsibility to the people of Arizona by introducing HB 2380 for its first reading by the Committee on Military Affairs and Public Safety. Since then, the bill has been read a second time and received five yes votes during a committee vote. No one voted against the bill although three lawmakers were absent during the vote. Additionally, the bill appears to have cleared the Rules Committee and is currently awaiting a full vote on the House floor.

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All The King’s Men…


Over at Freedom’s Phoenix, Barry Hess has written a good commentary on HB2380, an onerous bill working its way through the Arizona legislature. If passed into law, this bill will amend ARS 13-2401 and allow cops, prosecutors, judges and defense attorneys to interfere with freedom of speech, freedom of the press and equal protection by unilaterally deciding what personal information about themselves can be posted online.

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Muzzling Free Speech, Freedom of the Press & Equal Protection with HB 2380


J.D. Tuccille over at Disloyal Opposition has a good article regarding a proposed bill currently working its way through the Arizona Legislature – HB2380.

If passed into law, this bill will amend ARS 13-2401 to allow current and retired ‘peace officers’ along with other protected classes to decide what ‘personal information’, including photos, can be posted about them online and to bring felony charges against those who fail to remove posted information after the protected individual has ordered them to do so.

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Pre-hearing Discovery Motion Submitted


TOPDBP1This is a quick update regarding the December 20, 2008 U.S. Border Patrol/tribal police encounter I previously discussed here.

Tribal police officer Robert Carrasco, Badge #166, with the Tohono O’odham Police Department worked closely with U.S. Border Patrol Agents to maliciously cite me for impeding traffic while I was being seized by armed federal agents in front of two stop signs at a Homeland Security checkpoint.

Officer Carrasco appears to the right in the photo above while the two Border Patrol agents who left their checkpoint posts to assist Officer Carrasco with impeding my right to travel after waving me through the DHS checkpoint appear to the left.

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An Early Christmas Gift From ‘Homeland Security’ and the TOPD


Not to be disappointed on the 6 year anniversary of an illegal joint task force roadblock I ran afoul of on December 20, 2002, I was molested by the same agencies yet again six years later under slightly different circumstances.

In 2002, the U.S. Border Patrol (and U.S. Customs) assisted the Tohono O’odham Police Department with conducting an illegal dragnet roadblock masquerading as a sobriety checkpoint inside the reservation along a state highway. After being stopped at the roadblock in 2002 while driving home from work, I was deemed to be insufficiently submissive and was promptly arrested and maliciously prosecuted.

After defeating the charges in court a year later, I filed a lawsuit which is still ongoing today. Whether or not this history has anything to do with tribal police involvement in the incident described below remains to be seen. A review of the lawsuit’s discovery documentation however reveals that TOPD Officer R. Carrasco, badge #166, the tribal officer who engaged in joint action with the Border Patrol below, also participated in the 2002 roadblock that’s currently being litigated in the 9th Circuit.

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U.S. Army ‘Raiders’ Plan Permanent Presence on America’s Streets

MilitaryPatrolAs the burgeoning American police state continues to form, it appears that the U.S. military wants in on the action according to a recent Army Times article appearing below.

The article indicates that the Army’s 3rd Infantry Division’s 1st Brigade Combat Team, also known as the ‘Raiders’, has been assigned to U.S. Northern Command located at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs, Colorado for deployment within the United States. The deployment is slated to begin October 1st for one year and will most likely become a permanent fixture to NorthComm with different combat units rotating in from year to year.

The article explains the mission of the combat team as follows:

“They may be called upon to help with civil unrest and crowd control or to deal with potentially horrific scenarios such as massive poisoning and chaos in response to a chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear or high-yield explosive, or CBRNE, attack.”

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Homeland Security Grants Used Locally For Portable Checkpoint Fingerprint Scanners

fingerprintingThanks to the bloggers over at The Daily Paul, I was recently keyed into an interesting article regarding local police and the DHS.

It looks like police departments across the country are starting to use Homeland Security grants earmarked for terrorism to instead purchase portable fingerprint scanners.

According to the article, some of these portable scanners are being utilized by police at suspicionless DUI checkpoints where it would appear local law enforcement anticipate finding lots of drunk terrorists.

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Large Police Checkpoint in Los Angeles Last Night

dui_checkpt_1Earlier today, I came across the following blog entry from The Daily Paul forums describing a large suspicionless police action around L.A. last night:

Felt like “Martial Law” in Los Angeles!

From the (incomplete) description of the police action, it sounds like multiple checkpoints were setup along I-5, a major interstate highway in Southern Arizona, and various secondary routes around the target area where all vehicle traffic was being stopped and seized so police could conduct suspicionless checks of one form or another on the traveling public.

This of course is a growing trend across America where a once free people now suffer routine suspicionless interference in their lives by militarized police forces that seek to dominate and control local communities instead of serve and protect.

The text of the article appears below. The comments are also worth a read. If anyone has additional information regarding this police action directed against the people, please let me know:

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D.C. Neighborhoods Being Targeted for Military-style Police Checkpoints

APTOPIX IRAQI haven’t had much time to look into this story yet but it appears that Washington D.C. police will be targeting specific neighborhoods in the D.C. area for military-style checkpoints designed to shutdown the targeted neighborhoods to unapproved vehicle traffic while forcing individuals to identify themselves along with the purpose for their travels.

The following quote from a Washington Post article sums up this police state operation nicely:

“In certain areas, we need to go beyond the normal methods of policing,” Fenty (D) said at a news conference announcing the action. “We’re going to go into an area and completely shut it down to prevent shootings and the sale of drugs.”

The checkpoint will stop vehicles approaching the 1400 block of Montello Avenue NE, a section of the Trinidad neighborhood that has been plagued with homicides and other violence. Police will search cars if they suspect the presence of guns or drugs, and will arrest people who do not cooperate, under a charge of failure to obey a police officer, officials said.

Thanks to everyone who emailed me links to this developing story. If these police state checkpoint enforcement operations aren’t challenged and squashed early on, expect to see them appear in every major community across America in the next five to ten years.

Links to additional related articles appear below along with text from two of them:

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