Policing For Profit in Atlanta Georgia

georgiaCPI recently received an email from Joe Williams regarding his ongoing legal battles over suspicionless roadblocks in Atlanta, Georgia. Joe sends word that he will be in court on Wednesday February 10, 2016 over bogus charges filed against him by Atlanta checkpoint cops who prefer policing for profit.over protecting and serving.

For past posts regarding Joe’s principled stands at suspicionless checkpoints, follow this link.

For current information regarding the state of policing for profit in Atlanta Georgia along with Joe’s status, read his recent update below and consider supporting him in court along with his efforts in general however you can:

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Atlanta Sobriety Checkpoint Claims Another Victim of Police Authoritarianism


14 Sep 2010 UPDATE: Here's an email update I recently received from Mr. Williams regarding his case:

In court yesterday the city of Atlanta dropped the “disorderly conduct” charge and bound the “driving without a license” charge over to state court. I will now be able to present my case before a jury. Time to work on the jury nullification thing

A few days ago, I received the email appearing below from Joe Williams in Atlanta, Georgia. Joe will be defending himself in court against malicious charges stemming from the exercise of his rights while being stopped, detained and questioned at a suspicionless sobriety checkpoint in Atlanta, Georgia earlier this year.

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