Arizona DPS Delivers ‘Service’ With A Smile

(The enforcer with the sadistic grin on his face while tasering a non-violent individual is Arizona DPS Officer J. Mitchell)

Steven Anderson, the individual recently brutalized at an internal suspicionless immigration checkpoint by Border Patrol agents and Arizona DPS officers, has just posted video of part of the incident. Initially, Anderson’s camera was seized by the DPS but it looks like his attorney has successfully negotiated its return along with some of the video footage from Border Patrol surveillance cameras.

(Correction: it appears that the DPS released a DVD with video footage to Anderson and his attorney but the cameras seized have not yet been returned)

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Border Patrol & DPS Team Up To Brutalize Traveler

I’m just coming up to speed on this latest outrage by the United States Border Patrol and will have more to report later. For now though, checkout the video (above) of the individual recently brutalized by the Border Patrol and Arizona Department of Public Safety over seventy miles East of Yuma along I-8 at a suspicionless internal immigration checkpoint.

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DHS Detention Center Under Scrutiny For Detainee Deaths

cellblockAs a followup to my earlier post, More Homeland Security Detainee Abuse, it seems that the feds are finally investigating a Rhode Island Homeland Security Detention Center regarding detainee abuse and criminally negligent health care practices.

The straw that finally broke the camel’s back was the case of a Chinese computer engineer who overstayed a visa years ago and had been held for more than a year by the feds. During his incarceration at the friendly neighborhood detention center, his pleas for help regarding his steadily deteriorating health fell on deaf ears until he finally died from a broken back and cancer that went undiagnosed and untreated.

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More Homeland Security Detainee Abuse


Over the past few months, there have been several news articles written highlighting poor conditions in ICE detention facilities across the country. Detention facilities that house in excess of 30,000 detainees at any given time. The poor conditions, which include criminally negligent health care or the lack thereof, have resulted in the death of several detainees. The most recent case is highlighted below in a New York Times article written by Nina Bernstein.

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Homeland Security Agents Reveal Illegal ‘Shotgunning’ Practice

shotgunningA few days after I was illegally stopped by a Homeland Security Roving Patrol late at night along SR86 in Southern Arizona, the news article appearing below was published in the Arizona Daily Star. The article discusses two Border Patrol agents who are suing the Department of Homeland Security for retaliating against them. The agents publicly revealed information regarding an often practiced but illegal enforcement technique known as ‘shotgunning’ by other DHS agents.

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Illegal Homeland Security Roving Patrol Traffic Stop

AgentStopWhile driving to a remote work site late in the evening on May 14, 2008, I was targeted by a Federal Homeland Security Agent on roving patrol and followed for several miles along SR86 in Southern Arizona. After following me for some distance, the agent initiated a traffic stop absent reasonable suspicion along a deserted stretch of this unlit two lane highway. There were no developed shoulders along the side of the road making it impossible to completely pull out of the lane of traffic.

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When All Else Fails, Silence The Messenger….

censorshipAs many readers are aware, I’ve been documenting my recent experiences at a suspicionless internal Homeland Security checkpoint located near mile marker 146 on SR86 in Southern Arizona. I’ve also been reporting these experiences to readers of this blog amongst other places.

As a result of documenting these encounters and reporting on them, there are currently several efforts underway by various individuals and organizations to either shutdown my website or force me to remove content previously posted. This post provides information regarding one such recent attempt.

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Corrupt Cops and False Arrests

checkpointarrestIn what appears to be an increasingly common theme across the country, yet another police officer has been discovered making false DUI arrests.

In this case, Sergeant Jim Crain, formerly of the Corvallis Police Department in Oregon, resigned after evidence surfaced that a large percentage of his DUI arrests appear to be based on fabricated evidence and pre-written police reports. Sergeant Crain had previously been named DUI Enforcement Officer of the Year.

Why this story is of interest to me is that it further illustrates the corruption associated with DUI enforcement across the country. If a veteran police officer is able and willing to fabricate evidence to create the illusion of reasonable suspicion during a traffic stop, consider how much easier it is to fabricate evidence at suspicionless ‘sobriety’ checkpoints where cops stop drivers absent any reasonable suspicion whatsoever.

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