Cato Institute Rolls Out “Checkpoint: America” Project

Understanding that the price of liberty is eternal vigilance and that internal checkpoints represent more of a threat to our country than the problem(s) they profess to solve, the Cato Institute recently launched an initiative to help identify and track the Border Patrol roadblocks currently being operated along public highways inside the United States of America. This initiative, aptly named:

Checkpoint America: Monitoring the Constitution Free Zone

is just beginning and has positively identified 39 of approximately 140 interior roadblocks currently in existence in the Southern border states (California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas).

Through the link above, the Cato Institute has created an interactive Google map that identifies the location of these checkpoints along with photographs, a description of some of the equipment at each checkpoint and links to news articles associated with the checkpoints.

Given that only about 27% of roughly 140 Southwest CBP checkpoints have been positively identified by the project to date, I would encourage anyone who has knowledge of additional checkpoints that don’t yet appear on the map to contact the Cato Institute and provide them with the additional information.

I commend the Cato Institute for embarking on this important project and will do my part to assist in bringing transparency to DHS/CBP roadblock operations inside the country. Something the Border Patrol has been resisting for years despite federal court rulings compelling the agency’s cooperation.

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