Policing For Profit in Atlanta Georgia

georgiaCPI recently received an email from Joe Williams regarding his ongoing legal battles over suspicionless roadblocks in Atlanta, Georgia. Joe sends word that he will be in court on Wednesday February 10, 2016 over bogus charges filed against him by Atlanta checkpoint cops who prefer policing for profit.over protecting and serving.

For past posts regarding Joe’s principled stands at suspicionless checkpoints, follow this link.

For current information regarding the state of policing for profit in Atlanta Georgia along with Joe’s status, read his recent update below and consider supporting him in court along with his efforts in general however you can:

On 5/15/2011 Mayor Kasim Reed addressed the City Council  stating, “I think that um, I think if we, if we do it well, that that is an area to generate approximately uh 10 million dollars or more in revenue. We’re gonna have robust traffic enforcement and the court needs to be prepared to handle those cases because that is how revenue is being lost. We could ethically and appropriately, carrying out an essential government function, have a significant spike in revenue while protecting people. Revenue is being lost. Either we don’t have the officer at court or we don’t have the capacity to handle the volume we are generating. Those 2 [judges] positions could more than pay for themselves.” See WSB TV link below ¹

It would seem the Atlanta Police Department’s moto is “to ticket & arrest” rather than “to serve & protect”. PARKatlanta has made a significant contribution to this agenda helping to more than double the number of tickets written city wide since 2009 (see schedule below).

A seldom reported tactic for generating revenue is the use of roadblocks. Through information obtained by an open records request, from 1/1/13  – 4 /24/14 APD executed (Zone 6 only) no less than 1,893 roadblocks averaging 118 a month.  Multiplying that over 6 Atlanta police zones one could reasonably assume an average of 708 roadblocks per month were being executed city wide. Roadblocks that operate with no individual reasonable suspicion of wrongdoing, seek to control and intimidate local communities as opposed to serve and protect them, and intended to raise revenue for expanding government programs through fines, citations & arrest.

On 5/16/13 I was a victim of one of these suspicionless roadblocks and was arrested for defending my 4th Amendment rights. Join me, and my attorney Catherine Bernard, on Wednesday 2/10/16 (court information to follow) as I defend my Constitutional rights and attempt to shed light on Atlanta’s “Policing for Profit” program utilizing roadblocks.

Wednesday 2/10/16  – 9:30 am

Fulton County State Court
Courtroom 3B
185 Central Avenue
3rd floor

Atlanta, GA 30303
Judge Fred C. Eady

I strongly believe in the ability to travel freely within my own country. Unfortunately, I see this court case demonstrating how public officials put greater effort into violating the people’s rights & freedoms than in protecting them.

Joe Williams
Atlanta, GA

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