Rutherford County Sheriff Deputies Assist Motorists On Independence Day

The above is a video of an illegal detention and search initiated by Deputy Ross at a roadblock conducted by the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Dept. in Murfreesboro, Tennessee on July 4, 2013.

My thanks go out to the videographer for exercising his rights and making sure the incident was captured on video so the public can see for itself how the deputies of the good Sheriff of Rutherford County are ‘protecting’ the people he was placed in office to serve.


Thanks to Checkpoint Forums, another video on another driver exercising his rights at this same Rutherford County roadblock in Tennessee has emerged. The video appears below.

In this second video, deputies unreasonably demand ID and other documents while detaining another driver at secondary for steadfastly refusing to answer questions. Unreasonably delaying individuals who choose to exercise their rights is a common tactic employed by government agents at all manner of roadblocks around the country making it clear once again that these roadblocks have little to do with public ‘safety’ and everything to do with obedience training, lining the pockets of government agents with unearned overtime pay from your paycheck and bolstering the fragile egos of egomaniacs hiding behind guns & badges:

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