Romero Deposition & Lawsuit Update


It’s been a busy year for me, both personally & professionally, which is why you haven’t seen much activity on these pages lately. Fortunately the dust is beginning to settle allowing me some much needed time to get caught up on various projects. One of the first things I intend on getting caught up on is the status of my ongoing civil rights lawsuit which has seen a fair amount of activity this year.

The lawsuit stemmed from a checkpoint incident I was involved in way back in December of 2002. My last formal update on this lawsuit took place in August 2009, shortly after winning a significant victory in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals that re-instated the lawsuit after being dismissed by Tucson District Court Chief Judge John Roll. The 9th Circuit also imposed significant limitations on tribal traffic enforcement operations along state right-of-ways running through tribal land that hadn’t been in place prior to their ruling & made it clear a tribe’s normal power of exclusion for non-tribal members doesn’t apply in these areas either.

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Roadblock Revelations is back up & running

I’d like to extend my apologies for the recent extended down time. Technical difficulties outside my direct control kept this blog offline for the past few months. These issues have been resolved however and Roadblock Revelations is back up and running.

There’s been a lot of activity in my roadblock lawsuit over the last few months and I’ll be posting documentation and updates in the near future. We’ve gone through another round of discovery and are just finishing up with motions for summary judgment all the way around. Stay tuned & thanks for your continued support!