Freedom’s Phoenix E-Zine Now Available Online


fpEzineThe inaugural edition of the Freedom’s Phoenix digital magazine is now available online. Details regarding the magazine, along with a list of authors and articles is available here. I’ve been a contributing writer to the Freedom’s Phoenix website since its inception several years ago and was thankful for the opportunity to contribute an article to the website’s new magazine.

While the magazine is free to view online, Freedom’s Phoenix does require sign-up to view it from their website. There are no restrictions regarding redistributing the digital magazine from other website however so if you’re not interested in signing up to view it from Freedom’s Phoenix at this time, you can download it from Checkpoint USA here.

The version I make available is a 7MB high resolution pdf file. It is available in a lower resolution version specifically designed for mobile devices from Freedom’s Phoenix.

There are lots of good authors and articles available in the magazine & I encourage you to check it out.

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