More Border Patrol Harassment at Internal Immigration Checkpoints

Update: 17FEB2011 - YouTube has once again removed the video for unknown reasons. Most likely because Border Patrol agents don't like being held accountable in a public forum. We'll see what we can do to remedy that situation...

Update: 17DEC2010 - Looks like the video has been reposted. I've updated the embedded link accordingly.

[Update: 25OCT2010 - Looks like Youtube & the Border Patrol are busy censoring videos again. The videographer reported Youtube banned the video depicted in this blog entry without explanation. A similar incident occurred to 3 of my videos a while back. See here for details.]

The checkpoint depicted in the video above is the interim checkpoint located near kilometer post 45 on I-19 in Southern Arizona and championed by Congressional Representative Gabrielle Giffords in Arizona’s 8th District. Like so many other Border Patrol checkpoint encounters, the video above documents harassment of the traveling public by agents who take advantage of their limited authority in an attempt to intimidate individuals into waiving their fundamental rights.

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Don’t Talk to Government Agents

While the above video has been floating around the internet for several years now, I thought it was worth posting here given the nature of this website and the questions/comments I receive on my roadblock videos on a regular basis.

The video highlights a presentation given by Regent University Law Professor James Duane regarding exercising one’s right to remain silent when confronted by government agents conducting investigatory interviews/interrogations. Professor Duane speaks for about 28 minutes before turning the remainder of his time over to Virginia Beach Police Dept. Detective George Bruch.

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Exercising One’s Rights at a Las Vegas Sobriety Checkpoint

I recently came across the video appearing above on YouTube and thought it would be appropriate to make available here.

For those of you who object to individual’s exercising their rights while being seized absent suspicion at such checkpoints on the grounds that if they save just one life they’re worth it, I request that you review the effectiveness of such checkpoints for yourself.

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Missouri Cops Can’t Get Enough of Brett Darrow


Brett Darrow is one of those individuals who believe in police accountability and doesn’t take kindly to police officers who abuse their authority while hiding behind a gun and a badge. To protect himself from such abuse, Darrow outfitted his vehicle with an in-car camera system several years ago after learning first-hand how some cops have no qualms with fabricating falsehoods to justify otherwise illegal enforcement actions.

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