Imprisoned in the USA for “Obstruction of Justice”

[thanks to readers for forwarding the link to this video]

Violent authoritarian thugs with guns and badges make up an excuse to assault a Canadian couple at the U.S. Border who were only here to spend their money.

Unfortunately, this is an ongoing trend with U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials who are under the mistaken impression they can abuse whoever they want for whatever reason they want whenever they want (largely because they get away with it on a regular basis).

Related blog entries highlighting similar examples of criminal behavior by federal agents at the border are available here and here.

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Another Reported Assault at the Border

complaintIn December of last year, I reported on a story involving Canadian science fiction author Peter Watts. Mr. Watts was assaulted by overzealous Customs & Border Protection Officers along the Northern border while attempting to return to Canada.

In this article, I highlight a reported assault of a U.S. citizen by a Customs and Border Protection officer along the Southern border while attempting to return to his country through the Port of Entry in Calexico CA.

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Lawsuits Involving Local Police Working For DHS Highlighted By The Identity Project

jointOp[At the request of USBP Agent Roman (right), TOPD officer R. Carrasco cites Checkpoint USA for impeding traffic at a Homeland Security checkpoint. The charge was dismissed in court several months later]

In an article titled, DHS accomplices face legal liability, Checkpoint USA’s seven year lawsuit against several tribal police officers was recently mentioned on the Identity Project’s website. The article also references several other pending cases involving local police acting on behalf of Department of Homeland Security agencies such as the TSA.

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‘Customs & Border Protection’ Corruption Rampant


In the news recently was yet another story of rampant corruption within the ranks of Customs & Border Protection agents. For those who pay attention to such things, this is nothing new. I’ve been linking to similar news articles and Inspector General reports for years when I come across them.

The article I’ve included below provides us with a glimpse of just how bad the problem may be. It would appear that of all applicants for agency positions who undergo thorough background checks, 60% are turned away due to questionable motives and backgrounds.

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