Border Patrol Harass Military Field Grade Officer At Internal Checkpoint

I have about a half dozen blog entries in the queue that I haven’t quite finished up yet due to a busy schedule but I couldn’t let the video appearing above pass by unmentioned.

Posted by Veterans Against Police Abuse, it depicts a decorated military officer being harassed and lied to by vindictive Border Patrol agents at an internal checkpoint near Uvalde, Texas. The writeup associated with the YouTube video appears below:

This video shows a fourth amendment violation, harassment, and intimidation by the Border Patrol in Uvalde, Texas. The driver is a military field grade officer, decorated for heroism, with more than two years of combat deployment time. He is driving from one American city to another and has crossed no borders.

In the video the BP detains him quickly and without cause later claiming he refused to answer questions concerning his citizenship. The video shows this is clearly not the case. This charge is repeated by the supervisor who then contacts his military superiors in an (unfortunately successful) attempt to leverage his military service against him.

He was detained for more than thirty minutes without cause. He was eventually told by the officers that they appreciated his cooperation and was released. The full footage was captured on five different cameras. The footage here is limited in length by upload requirements. Legal action is pending concerning this incident and several previous at the same checkpoint.

Fortunately the driver was not assaulted for his oath-required support and defense of the U.S. Constitution. That was not the case for Baptist pastor Steven Anderson who required eleven stitches and new windows for exercising his rights at a Border Patrol station.

As the driver in this video attests, despite having conducted hundreds of operational missions in Afghanistan and Iraq, his routine travels through this checkpoint in Uvalde Texas have given him the most concern for his personal safety.

If you are concerned about the erosion and ignoring of the very essence of freedom contained in the fourth amendment, please send this video to your Congressman with a request for an immediate investigation into this incident. To learn how you can protect yourself against such blatant abuses of law enforcement power through surveillance technology, please visit VeteransAgainstPoliceAbuse.Org.

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