Immigration, United States Citizens, and Freedom

cpProtestSm[Photo: Discovery Bay, Washington- US Border Patrol bus boardings protest]

I was recently pointed to an article posted on FR33 Agents detailing several of the negative impacts associated with the federal government’s current border control policy (please note – I use the term ‘border’ as loosely here as the federal government does in practice).

The article is an interesting read that provides quite a few links to related news articles and source material (some of them back to this blog). The topics addressed in the article include:

  • General harassment of individuals
  • Internal Suspicionless Checkpoints
  • Warrantless Searches
  • Detention and Deportation of United States Citizens

I’ve reprinted the first paragraph of the article below. The remainder can be accessed by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.

Immigration, United States Citizens, and Freedom
Published: 17 January 2010
FR33 Agents – Kirsten

“Back in the 1990s, I would have said that the so-called War on Drugs was by far the most significant threat to freedom in the United States. Then came the so-called War on Terror that quickly escalated and became an obvious challenger for that title, integrating the War on Drugs into a newer and scarier threat. But it was not until the last few years that I realized that, increasingly, anti-immigration policy is right up there with those two. In trying to sort out the numbers in my last post in this series, it became clear that anti-immigration policy, like the War on Terror, integrates many of the booga booga elements of the other two with its own unique scaremongering features.”

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