Checkpoint USA Interviewed By Katherine Albrecht

On February 23rd, I was a guest on the radio talk show, Katherine Albrecht, Talk Radio with a Freedom Twist.

Katherine is a well known privacy advocate and author who has written:

Spychips: How major corporations and government plan to track your every move with RFID.

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Suspicionless Homeland Security Checkpoints Expand Into Northern Maine


I’ve recently been pointed to several online news articles regarding Homeland Security checkpoints being setup in Northern Maine. The checkpoint(s) appear to be located between Sherman and Houlton along I-95. The closest border to the general area is New Brunswick, Canada to the East.

As with their Southern counterparts, the checkpoints being manned by Customs & Border Protection officers and Border Patrol agents are not being limited in scope to brief immigration queries as required by Supreme Court jurisprudence. Rather, the so-called immigration checkpoints are being utilized as dragnet enforcement operations with the assistance of drug sniffing dogs while agents actively look for stolen vehicles, contraband and terrorists, all absent any suspicion whatsoever. Additionally, Homeland Security is using air support to look for vehicles driving along perfectly legal travel routes within the vicinity of the checkpoint.

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Immigration, United States Citizens, and Freedom

cpProtestSm[Photo: Discovery Bay, Washington- US Border Patrol bus boardings protest]

I was recently pointed to an article posted on FR33 Agents detailing several of the negative impacts associated with the federal government’s current border control policy (please note – I use the term ‘border’ as loosely here as the federal government does in practice).

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Why don’t you just roll down your window and answer the question…

“Why don’t you just roll down your window and answer the question”, or similarly worded comments, are frequent questions I receive on my YouTube channel regarding my forced interactions with armed federal agents at suspicionless Homeland Security checkpoints inside the country. Take for instance the following comments:

Homeland Security Checkpoint: Video Blog – Day 1:

“What is the logic behind your videos? And why would you be afraid to roll down your window? l’ll admit she kept her cool very well. l know the temptation to bust your window, drag you out and smash your face on the pavement after douching it with some Oleoresin Capsicum was their for acting like a punk. so kudos to her.”wlindenlaub

(For those unfamiliar with Oleoresin Capsicum, it's also known as pepper spray)

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