Charges Dismissed With Prejudice Against Steven Anderson


[Photo: Anderson's blood-stained car after being beaten & tasered by BP Agents and AZ DPS Officers]

Very good news from Freedom’s Phoenix today regarding the charges against Steven Anderson.

Mr Anderson is the pastor who was beaten and tasered by Border Patrol agents and Arizona DPS officers at an internal suspicionless Border Patrol checkpoint East of Yuma, Arizona earlier this year:

Mr. Anderson’s attorney, Marc Victor, called into the radio show Declare Your Independence With Ernest Hancock this afternoon and was happy to report that all charges against Mr. Anderson had been dismissed with prejudice by a Yuma County Judge during preliminary trial proceedings earlier today. It appears that among other things, the prosecutor and Border Patrol refused to turn over copies of checkpoint guidelines, training manuals and other documentation that was subpoenaed by Victor during the discovery phase of the case. At the last minute, the prosecutor attempted to turn over some of the subpoenaed documentation when it became clear Marc wasn’t going to let the matter drop. Shortly thereafter, the judge dismissed the charges with prejudice anyway – too little, too late.

I’ve created an mp3 file of the interview with Marc Victor that you can listen to below. The full radio show segment can be accessed here. It sounds like additional information regarding the case will be forthcoming in the near future so stay tuned:

Radio show audio clip

Additionally, Marc Victor is representing Mr. Anderson in a civil rights lawsuit against the Border Patrol and Arizona DPS. Now that charges against Anderson have been dismissed, the real show is about to begin….

Finally, it should be noted that Mr. Victor represented me when I was maliciously prosecuted by the Tohono O’odham Police Department in a roadblock incident back in 2002. During that incident, a very similar sequence of events took place. The tribal police refused to turn over copies of their (non-existent) checkpoint guidelines (without admitting they didn’t have any) and the judge dismissed the charges against me with prejudice.

My civil rights lawsuit against the tribal police regarding the incident is still ongoing after a successful appeal to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals earlier this year.