Charges Dismissed With Prejudice Against Steven Anderson


[Photo: Anderson's blood-stained car after being beaten & tasered by BP Agents and AZ DPS Officers]

Very good news from Freedom’s Phoenix today regarding the charges against Steven Anderson.

Mr Anderson is the pastor who was beaten and tasered by Border Patrol agents and Arizona DPS officers at an internal suspicionless Border Patrol checkpoint East of Yuma, Arizona earlier this year:

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Award Winning Sci-Fi Writer Physically Assaulted By DHS Agents At U.S. Border


I noticed an increase in network traffic to the blog recently so took a closer look. What I discovered was that Peter Watts, an award-winning Canadian science fiction writer, was recently roughed up close to the Canadian border by U.S. homeland security goons with Customs and Border Protection.

It appears that Mr Watts was attempting to return to Canada via the Blue Water Bridge in Michigan when he was selected by Customs and Border ‘Protection’ agents for extra special attention in the form of a random vehicle search prior to leaving the country. That’s right, Mr. Watts wasn’t attempting to enter the United States. He was attempting to leave.

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Border Patrol Agents Illegally Seize & Search Student’s Car in Southern Arizona


In yet another example of illegal Homeland Security enforcement activity inside the country, 18 year old Iris Cooper is one of the latest victims of Border Patrol aggression against the traveling public.

Last month, Mz. Cooper was on her way to class at the Pima Medical Institute in Tucson, AZ when she realized she had left her school books at home. Northbound on I-19 in Southern Arizona, she turned around to retrieve them only to be stopped, seized, detained and searched by Border Patrol agents shortly after conducting a perfectly legal about-face. In addition to seizing and searching her, the federal agents added insult to injury by handcuffing her and forcing her to wait thirty minutes for the arrival of a K-9 unit that proceeded to search her vehicle upon its arrival absent consent.

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CBP Officer Searches For Legitimacy

On September 11, 2009 in a significant departure from standard operating procedures, Customs and Border Protection officers normally assigned to Ports of Entry are observed working the primary stop location of an internal checkpoint over 40 miles North of the border along a highway never intersecting the border at any point. This is the continuation of a shift in Homeland Security tactics first observed on August 21, 2009. Whether or not this is a temporary experiment in cross-training personnel from different units within the agency or a permanent shift in DHS tactics remains to be seen.

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