(Part 12) GAO Presentation On Internal DHS Checkpoints

Part 12 of a 14 part video series highlighting a town hall meeting organized by Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords appears above. The meeting was held on September 2, 2009 in Green Vally, Arizona to discuss/debate a recent GAO report on internal suspicionless homeland security checkpoints.

In this video, members of the audience continue sharing their thoughts regarding the proposed permanent Homeland Security checkpoint being planned for Southern Arizona’s I-19 South of Tucson. Video highlights appear below:

  • GAO representative Richard Stana responds to Marshals questions regarding SBInet from the previous video. Stana indicated neither SBInet or Project 28 have lived up to expectations but work will continue on them. He also indicated SBInet’s ultimate goal is to interdict 70% of illegal traffic but that’s not happening.
  • A resident of Tubac speaks about the hassle factor associated with checkpoints, indicates the number of tourists in Tubac have diminished with increased checkpoint activity and asks Giffords to pledge to increase funding for law enforcement to address the problem.
  • Giffords indicates she has been working on increased funding and has been successful in bringing millions of additional dollars to Arizona from SCAAP – the State Criminal Alien Assistance Program.
  • Beth speaks next asking about accountability and how immigration reform may affect the checkpoint equation.
  • Giffords indicates she’s been working on immigration reform with other Congressional representatives but efforts have been stalled for years.
  • Jim from Green Valley, who runs various tourist related businesses in the area, spoke to indicate Tubac is no longer a favorite tourist destination due to Border Patrol checkpoints in the area. He also expressed his appreciation for Border Patrol efforts but emphasized the fact that border enforcement needs to be done at the border, not in local communities many miles North of the border.
  • Amy from the GAO indicated they had tried to correlate qualitative concerns such as those expressed by Jim with quantitative data but didn’t have much luck with the information they had to work with.

This sums up part 12. Part 13 to follow shortly.

Links to all parts of this special report appear below:

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