Traveler Records Unreasonable TSA Detention


Steve Bierfeldt, an individual working with Congressman Ron Paul’s Campaign For Liberty, was recently detained by TSA agents at an airport security checkpoint in St. Louis, Missouri. At the time of his detention and interrogation, Mr Bierfeldt was transporting several thousand dollars in campaign contributions raised at a St. Louis rally.

It should be noted that transporting several thousand dollars in cash is in no way a crime. Nor does it represent reasonable suspicion or a security threat to an airline flight. Luckily, Mr. Bierfeldt had the presence of mind to turn on his audio recorder once he was removed from the public’s eye and surrounded by several armed agents inside a windowless interrogation room. In so doing, he was able to preserve a record of exactly what happened during his interrogation.

Please note the hostility the agents displayed towards Mr. Bierfeldt merely for exercising his rights while seeking clarification of his legal obligations. A scenario I am quite familiar with.

A full audio account of the TSA detention is available here. Additionally, an interview with Free Talk Live on April 2nd is available here (mp3 download).

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