An Early Christmas Gift From ‘Homeland Security’ and the TOPD


Not to be disappointed on the 6 year anniversary of an illegal joint task force roadblock I ran afoul of on December 20, 2002, I was molested by the same agencies yet again six years later under slightly different circumstances.

In 2002, the U.S. Border Patrol (and U.S. Customs) assisted the Tohono O’odham Police Department with conducting an illegal dragnet roadblock masquerading as a sobriety checkpoint inside the reservation along a state highway. After being stopped at the roadblock in 2002 while driving home from work, I was deemed to be insufficiently submissive and was promptly arrested and maliciously prosecuted.

After defeating the charges in court a year later, I filed a lawsuit which is still ongoing today. Whether or not this history has anything to do with tribal police involvement in the incident described below remains to be seen. A review of the lawsuit’s discovery documentation however reveals that TOPD Officer R. Carrasco, badge #166, the tribal officer who engaged in joint action with the Border Patrol below, also participated in the 2002 roadblock that’s currently being litigated in the 9th Circuit.

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Homeland Security Obedience Training

Gilmore1SmallAs many of you know, I’ve been documenting my experiences at an internal suspicionless Homeland Security checkpoint along State Route 86 in Southern Arizona since January of 2008. While I’ve been stopped and seized well over fifty times since the beginning of the year, I’ve only posted a small fraction of the video footage. Choosing instead to highlight those seizures that have been the most egregious.

Two such videos appear below. Even though the seizures took place over six months apart, they are representative of what these Homeland Security checkpoints are really all about.

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More Info On Marines Manning San Bernardino County Sobriety Checkpoints

marineCheckpointSmall(Photo: Marine checkpoint in Iraq)

As reported earlier, I came across additional information regarding the participation of the U.S. Marines in sobriety checkpoints being conducted by the County Sheriff and Highway Patrol in San Bernardino County, California.

According to a December 10, 2008 press release from the Highway Patrol, USMC Military Police participated in a joint task force with the County sheriff and state police to conduct a sobriety checkpoint on December 12, 2008. All in violation of the Posse Comitatus Act that prohibits the military from participating in civilian law enforcement operations under most circumstances.

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Marines Co-Managing ‘Sobriety Checkpoints’ in San Bernardino County

militaryCheckpoint Small(Photo: Marine checkpoint in Iraq)

If true, here’s a disturbing story regarding the use of the military at sobriety checkpoints in San Bernardino County, California. If anyone has further information on this, please post it here.

The text of the story, along with links added by me, appear below. When time permits, I’ll research more and post a followup.

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DHS Detention Center Under Scrutiny For Detainee Deaths

cellblockAs a followup to my earlier post, More Homeland Security Detainee Abuse, it seems that the feds are finally investigating a Rhode Island Homeland Security Detention Center regarding detainee abuse and criminally negligent health care practices.

The straw that finally broke the camel’s back was the case of a Chinese computer engineer who overstayed a visa years ago and had been held for more than a year by the feds. During his incarceration at the friendly neighborhood detention center, his pleas for help regarding his steadily deteriorating health fell on deaf ears until he finally died from a broken back and cancer that went undiagnosed and untreated.

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