Homeland Security Checkpoints Spread Into Washington State

cpstop4Thanks to several readers who recently brought this to my attention, I’ve attached the text of three articles below regarding the proliferation of internal suspicionless Homeland Security checkpoints in Washington State. I have previously highlighted information regarding the use of Homeland Security checkpoints at Ferry docks in Northern Washington State but this latest intrusion spreads the Homeland Security cancer even further into the interior of the country.

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More Homeland Security Detainee Abuse


Over the past few months, there have been several news articles written highlighting poor conditions in ICE detention facilities across the country. Detention facilities that house in excess of 30,000 detainees at any given time. The poor conditions, which include criminally negligent health care or the lack thereof, have resulted in the death of several detainees. The most recent case is highlighted below in a New York Times article written by Nina Bernstein.

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