Corrupt Cops and False Arrests

checkpointarrestIn what appears to be an increasingly common theme across the country, yet another police officer has been discovered making false DUI arrests.

In this case, Sergeant Jim Crain, formerly of the Corvallis Police Department in Oregon, resigned after evidence surfaced that a large percentage of his DUI arrests appear to be based on fabricated evidence and pre-written police reports. Sergeant Crain had previously been named DUI Enforcement Officer of the Year.

Why this story is of interest to me is that it further illustrates the corruption associated with DUI enforcement across the country. If a veteran police officer is able and willing to fabricate evidence to create the illusion of reasonable suspicion during a traffic stop, consider how much easier it is to fabricate evidence at suspicionless ‘sobriety’ checkpoints where cops stop drivers absent any reasonable suspicion whatsoever.

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Pennsylvania Police Conduct Largest Illegal Checkpoint Ever


On October 27th, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported that over 90 Pennsylvania State Troopers and local police had conducted the largest DUI checkpoint operation ever in Pennsylvania the night before. A careful reading of the article however reveals the alleged ‘DUI’ checkpoint was nothing more than a suspicionless general purpose dragnet enforcement operation.

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October ’07 Photos of Southern Arizona’s Gauntlet


Selected photos from Southern Arizona’s State Route 86 between September and October 2007 are now available.

Enforcement activity over the past few months has been steady with Wackenhut immigration buses seemingly everywhere:

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Police Harassment on SR-86

h1So I’m driving back to Tucson along SR-86 near mile marker 140 in Southern Arizona this past Friday, minding my own business, when I look in my side-view mirror only to see a silver four door sedan tailgating me.

Figuring the guy was in a hurry, I gradually slowed down from the posted 65 mph speed limit to allow the driver ample opportunity to safely pass me on the left. Even though the other lane was clear and several vehicles took advantage of the opportunity to pass both of us, the driver chose to continue tailgating me for the next ten miles.

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