Work & Travel – Casualties in the U.S. War of Terror


Department of Homeland Security bureaucrats are currently in the process of promulgating rules that will fundamentally alter the American experience – and not for the better.

In the not too distant future, Americans will no longer be able to legally work in their own country without the permission of the federal government. Similarly, Americans won’t be able to legally travel by means of an airline common carrier without government issued identification AND explicit permission from Homeland Security.

In other words, the individual right to work and to travel, rights Americans have enjoyed since before the existence of the federal government, are being transformed before our eyes into mere privileges. Privileges that can be granted or denied at the whim of anonymous bureaucrats with little opportunity to challenge, and in some cases, to even know why.

For those who have been confused about the definition of a police state, it’s now staring you in the face.

Will you welcome it with open arms or seek to restore the limited role of government to the American experience?

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