Tohono O'odham Roadblock Incident
'Right to Travel' Related Links
Taking advantage of a fourth amendment loophole created by the Supreme Court for sobriety checkpoints, Boulder City, Nevada recently began conducting suspicionless car seat checkpoints on an unsuspecting traveling public.
News report highlighting a recent Tennessee Supreme Court case.
The Identity Project (IDP) exists to uphold the freedom to exist, wander, and live anonymously within our own country if we so choose. 'Right To Travel' resources and court cases are highlighted along with a general discussion forum.
Website highlighting Deborah Davis's run-in with the authorities after the public bus she was a passenger on was stopped at a checkpoint in Denver and boarded by federal officers demanding that everyone show their identification papers.
A Washington Post article highlighting yet another permutation of suspicionless checkpoints/roadblocks. D.C. Police are now conducting so-called 'safety stops' where the personal information of individuals stopped is entered into a database - regardless of whether or not they are cited for any violation.
John Gilmore files suit in the 9th circuit court of appeals seeking to uphold our constitutional right to travel against secret laws and unreasonable government intrusion.
Dudley Hiibel's web site highlighting a police stop that will be heard by the U.S. Supreme Court
Utah Supreme Court rules that highway checkpoints set up for specific public safety purposes cannot be used as a pretext to subject vehicles and drivers to unwarranted searches. Note - the state of Utah has specific legislation in place that authorizes police to set up administrative checkpoints (license/registration checks). This is not the case in Arizona where no such legislation exists
Which Was It? A Routine Checkpoint or Unconstitutional Searches?
Sierra Times article discussing pre-textual checkpoints (link no longer valid)
Conducting Effective Roadblocks
Municipal Technical Advisory Service notice to police regarding how to setup roadblocks that should meet with the approval of the U.S. Supreme Court (link no longer valid)
The Arizona State legislature website with links to the Arizona Constitution, Arizona Revised Statutes, and pending legislative bills.
A site with lots of links to current roadblock locations along with Federal cases regarding law enforcement powers associated with random stops.
A Federal Supreme Court case defining the boundaries of law enforcement actions at suspicionless public safety checkpoints
John Gilmore has filed suit against John Ashcroft and the FAA regarding unconstitutional rules and regulations adversely affecting an individual's right to travel
A 2001 U.S. Dept. of Justice report regarding the status of policing on Native American reservations. A good overview that includes a case study of the Tohono O'odham Nation and the TOPD that highlights problems with the department from the mid-1990's. Some of these problems included lack of written guidelines & procedures. Sounds familiar...
A 9th circuit court of appeals case showing the applicability of the Indian Civil Rights Act & the jurisdiction of the federal courts.

Police Excesses:
Overkill: The Rise of Paramilitary Police Raids in America
A CATO Institute white paper authored by Radley Balko highlighting botched SWAT Team no-knocks raids across America