Phil Mocek Acquitted, TSA Admits Photography Legal, ID Not Required

After many delays & much jerking around by the prosecution, Phillip Mocek, the man arrested at an Albuqurque, NM airport in November 2009, finally went to trial last Thursday & Friday on trumped up charges of disorderly conduct, concealing his identity and refusing to obey a police officer.

Given that it took an Albuqurque jury less than an hour to find Mr. Mocek not guilty on all counts, it’s understandable why the prosecution sought delay after delay. Luckily, Mr. Mocek stood his ground over the past 14 months and revealed to the world exactly what the TSA, local Albuqurque airport cops and the prosecutor’s office were really all about. Indeed, the trial not only concluded in Mr. Mocek’s favor but also revealed that flying without government-issued ID is perfectly legal as is videotaping one’s compelled interaction with TSA goons at airport checkpoints.

The Identity Project followed Mr. Mocek’s case from its inception and was on-hand last week to lend their support and document courtroom proceedings. On Friday, the Identity Project posted a not guilty announcement along with a good overview of court proceedings and the issues involved. Today, the project posted links to audio of most of the court proceedings so you can listen to the trial for yourself.

My thanks go out to Mr. Mocek for putting himself in harm’s way to peacefully exercise rights enjoyed by us all along with seeing court proceedings through to their (logical) conclusion. I can only hope he also has the intent, time, resources and energy to pursue a civil rights case against those who so uncivilly denied him his.

Additional links regarding the outcome of Mr. Mocek’s trial can be found below along with recently released video of his interaction at the TSA checkpoint in November 2009:

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