Know Your Rights At The Airport

tsa_breast_groping1With National TSA Opt-Out Day upon us, I thought this recent article from the Identity Project was quite appropriate:

I also wanted to bring this blog full circle be referencing the most recent post from John Tyner, the man who prompted this series of TSA blog entries on Roadblock Revelations with his now immortal quote, “if you touch my junk, I’ll have you arrested.”.

Also of interest to those individuals returning to the United States from abroad is Matt Kernan’s recent documented TSA encounter. In his article, Matt explains how he returned to the U.S., made it through U.S. Customs without incident but was stopped at a TSA checkpoint even though he was no longer flying and was told he had to submit to either a full-body x-ray backscatter scan or an enhanced patdown (i.e. sexual assault) as a condition to leave the airport. Matt politely declined both and was eventually escorted out of the airport without being compelled to undergo either procedure.

This incident dove-tails nicely with my earlier blog entry titled Refusing To Answer Questions At The Border.

Finally, I want to wish everyone moving about the country this holiday season a safe and sexual-assault free traveling experience.

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