TSA Opt-Out Day Should Be Only The Beginning


As National TSA Opt-Out Day quickly approaches, the Identity Project over at Papers, Please have some interesting thoughts on what should be done with the TSA.

They rightfully point out that the latest outrage from TSA, as exemplified by this incident, is only the most recent in a long list of outrages. They also point out that while a full-body naked-scan National Opt-Out day is a good start, for real change to take place much more needs to be done.

As a primer, the list of issues addressed in the Identity Project’s article include the following:

  • No more secret laws
  • No more groping travelers
  • No more suspicionless searches
  • No more secret blacklists or secret “no-fly” orders
  • No more secret surveillance lists
  • No more lying to the public
  • No more identity checkpoints
  • Restore the right to assemble

Roadblock Revelations wholeheartedly agrees with this list and can think a few additional items as well. I’m sure you can too.

The article in its entirety can be found here and is worth the read.

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