OTN Reveils TSA Security Theater At Detroit Airport


Update - Part 3 of the video series appearing below has been updated by OTN. It appears that the videographer inadvertently used false body scanning images in the original video but has fixed his mistake. The updated video is available here

For those interested in more detailed information regarding TSA Body Scanning equipment, Papers Please has a good article on the subject located here.

There’s been lot’s of news on the TSA security theater front over the past several weeks which I’ll be writing about in more detail later. For now though, I thought I’d share a few videos put together by Sam over at Obscured Truth Network showing us the ridiculous nature of TSA security practices:

Detroit TSA Security Theater

Full resolution videos of Sam’s interaction with airport security personnel can be found at the Youtube links associated with each embedded video below:

Detroit TSA Security Theater (Part 1):

Detroit TSA Security Theater (Part 2):

Detroit TSA Security Theater (Part 3) Body Scanners:

One thought on “OTN Reveils TSA Security Theater At Detroit Airport”

  1. TSA/DHS at DTW fined $40,000 for violation of woman’s Fourth Amendment Rights. Frontier Airlines and Wayne County Airport Authority also settle for for violating woman’s 4th Amendment rights. What really pissed this woman off was when the law enforcement authorities forced her to strip off her clothes, bend over, and cough.



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